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Ankara fabric is a very versatile African print material. Once considered a fabric for the less-privileged due to its affordability, it is now a material used by celebrities for parties and occasions. Indeed, an event is rarely complete without an aso-ebi  of Ankara fabric!

To make Ankara fanciful, it is usually blended with other lovely fabrics and designs. The beauty of Ankara is also amplified with the creativity and skills of a creative designer. Modern designers like Lunar, Aimas, Tiffany Amber, MoMo, Gloss, and Cranberry have helped redefine the appeal of the fabric. Designs of Ankara are now mind-blowing, featuring in many catwalks and winning many fashion awards.

The name “Ankara” is traced back to when the Turks made a cheaper type of the fabric. Then the fabric was considered indigenous because it lacked a glamorous look.

Styles and designs available for Ankara are numberless, which makes it suitable for all people regardless of age and colour. The cloth now comes in modern patterns and vibrant colours which make it classy.

Ankara fabric has the ability to hold colour fast without getting stained significantly, this makes it highly competitive to the Western adire cloth.

Nigeria has redefined Ankara to the world; the country is a big market for the cloth. However, the local manufacture of the cloth is being hampered by smuggling and unfair trade practices. Ankara fabrics have been the desired choice of African women.

More recently, Ankara fabric has been used to make bags, shoes, earrings, notebooks, bangles and neck scarves. Ankara tops and jackets are a common feature in offices on Fridays when it is time to dress down and go a bit casual.

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